YYE on 3Ds


Is there like a mobile site? Not an app because you can’t get on those with the ds. Just wondering :slight_smile:


Should be. That’d make me use my 3ds more often.


Yeah It loads so slowly on mine. Which is also good because it means there so much awesome on the site


very true.


You should consider selling your 3Ds for an iPod the YYE app rocks!


But I I was part of the 3Ds ambassador program and got 20 free downloadable games. It worth far more than people would bye it for


Then you should save up its really worth it :wink:


Don’t sell the 3ds for an Ipod. Two very different systems. Use whichever one that suits your style the best.


yeah maybe I’ll get one for Christmas… I rarely get money. I sell duct tape wallets at a store but doesn’t pull in too much income


I didn’t know the 3ds had Internet hmm that must be bringing video of 3d Eli hops to a new level


well it doesn’t support flash or any other video playing software and even if it did you can’t view anything on the internet in 3D(except a select few pictures designed for the 3Ds)


Omg your a duct taper too yay I’m so happy I finally met a duct taper that yoyos :slight_smile: I’ve made a duct tape yoyo holdster, yye wallet, yye duct tape shoes, and a big YYE duct tape painting :slight_smile:


Funny I sell wallets too and a get a lot of Bens (as Ben Condé would call em) you should try selling at your school buy duct tape, show the colors through a site that your friends go to a lot (I.e, Facebook, YouTube, etc.,)

Make one sample, buy some Velcro strips (at Michael’s)

Sell them for three dollars bifold and trifold make each wallet come with two pockets each (for trifold two on one side) sell extra pockets for $0.25
Buy clear duct tape (to make I.D holsters) sell those for $0.50 and say you’ll add a Velcro lock for only $1

Sell the wallets at three each (extras not included add the on top)
And make them customizable

For boys wallets i recommend you buy Duck Brand Graffiti tape

For girls buy a floral or polka dot print duct tape

Good luck


I’m a duct taper too, by the way.

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Speaking of that, is there a YYE app for tablets?


Yopro: Yeah thanks for the advice I’ll keep it in mind

GambinoGirl: can you get the same apps as an iphone? if so probably

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No, I have a Kindle Fire


Hm… I don’t know might want to ask the mods


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