Yoyoexpert app

I always use my ipod to get on yye and i think there shold be an app. What do you guys think??

I think you should have downloaded it already. There IS a app. I use it on my iPhone sometimes, so I think it will work on the iPad.

Search this section - numerous references.

Sorry, how stupid of me. Thanks, and again, sorry… :frowning:

Happens to everyone now and then. Think nothing of it… :wink:

Yeah there is an app, in fact I’m using it right now.

there is an app ;D i have it, 8) though you can only check out the fourums, you can’t chat/shop :-\



I think 2 months is the point when a thread dies and posting in it is considered a necro. This one hadn’t even gone one month.

We have been seeing a lot of necros though recently… :confused:

Oh,then, tiny tiny tiny necro?