Yoyo expert app

(Evan Landreneau) #1

Why doesn’t the YYE app work anymore?


It doesn’t work with the new forum software. It’s also really not needed with the new forum software. :slight_smile:

@codinghorror can give details.


Yeah, Discourse (new forum software) works really nice on mobile. Unlike the old software.


@AndreBoulay it might be good to remove the app from the app stores if it is still there, to prevent confusion:

({John15}) #5

Yes, yes it does

(André Boulay) #6

Yes. I have been trying. It’s through another company and have been waiting on them but I did message again last week.


Can you edit the description to say " Don’t download’ or something? Or is it just completely in the other company’s hands?




(Evan Landreneau) #10

Oh my god my thread just got PINNED!!!

(André Boulay) #11

Old app has finally been removed. :wink:
Sorry again for the confusion there.