Yoyo expert app

(Evan Landreneau) #1

Why doesn’t the YYE app work anymore?


It doesn’t work with the new forum software. It’s also really not needed with the new forum software. :slight_smile:

@codinghorror can give details.


Yeah, Discourse (new forum software) works really nice on mobile. Unlike the old software.


@AndreBoulay it might be good to remove the app from the app stores if it is still there, to prevent confusion:


({John15}) #5

Yes, yes it does

(André Boulay) #6

Yes. I have been trying. It’s through another company and have been waiting on them but I did message again last week.


Can you edit the description to say " Don’t download’ or something? Or is it just completely in the other company’s hands?

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(Evan Landreneau) #10

Oh my god my thread just got PINNED!!!

(André Boulay) #11

Old app has finally been removed. :wink:
Sorry again for the confusion there.


This one on the Google Play store is still out there though @AndreBoulay

It is currently piling up the one-star reviews as well…

I did note that @Evan_the_yoyo_boy was generous enough to give a non-working app two stars though. :wink:

(Tyler) #13

Is there some way to reach out to these people and direct them to use their mobile browser instead? Feels like we’re missing out on some potential users.


Probably the easiest thing is to get tapatalk to pull the app…

(André Boulay) #15

Yeah. Sheesh. I thought they did. Thanks. I’m on it. :+1:

(Evan Landreneau) #16

I totally forgot that I commented that. :joy: