Does anybody here have the app? I just got it and it is pretty cool. You can do all the stuff that you can do on the website on your mobile device( I don’t know about android users though). If you don’t have it you should check it out. I am doing this from my iPad right now. ;D

Needs some color and it would be perfect.
However I still think it’d be better to have it as a clone of the website. I.E. I’d prefer the app to be this websites carbon copy; it would be this website exactly, just in app form.

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Yeah it does get a little confuzling at times. But it is still really useful.

I lover the app but i think it still needs some features. the two biggest being the country someone is from, and trade count.

I think it is more useful to have a mobile site. This way, all smartphone users can access YYE easily.

I’m not 100% sure I understand… You’re using an iPad to access a dumbed down version of the site? Why?

I have a pretty old phone which I use to access the full site. I can see pictures, countries, trade counts, everything.

I am using my iPod touch right now but yes, I do think there should be improvements as well. I’ve had to give someone a thank you star by going on the website with my iPod touch but I think the problem with that is that you need Internet or wi-fi to use the website and it might take longer to load. :smiley:

Because they’re using the app, and your probably just using the internet.

With a few improvements, the app would rock. I’ve always used the full site on my mobile device. So many thank-you’s I didn’t mean to give… :wink:

I think I might have made a mistake. I’m not sure if you need internet or not because the app didn’t work when I was away from home but it might still be faster than using the website on your smartphone. ;D

I believe you need Internet connection.