YYE magazine

I might be weird or whatever but i thought it would be cool.

We can get what we need from the forums. Unless of course you’d like the costs passed on in the form of slightly higher yoyo prices.


It would be pretty cool, but as Studio said, we could get all our information extremely quickly here. Magazines would have delay and the info would be old. Maybe someone could do an online kind of thing where they go to factories and interview players, etc.

You’re looking at the on-line version you help to write on a daily basis.
Cheap at twice the price. :wink:

I could see a thick quarterly mag being kind of cool. If you had great pics, interviews with the players who won comps or the guys heading up the smaller yoyo makers, stuff like that…I’d probably pay for it.

I don’t think it’s at all practical though. Still.

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I think people have tried yoyo magazines, but they kind of failed in the long run. You can get all your news here or through blogs very fast.

The problem with a magazine is the fact that yoyoing gets stale to write about. There isn’t really a gamechanger that comes along often. I play Magic the Gathering, and every 6 months, things get shaken up because of a new set getting dropped. It rocks the entire season because it changes the way the game is played for the next year. That’s why there are still a few MTG magazines, there are things to write about. This doesn’t happen regularly in yoyoing.

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Q, you play magic? I never knew!
I just got into it about a month or two ago.

The “collector” in me would love to see this. But I’d agree, this intraweb thing moves pretty fast. It’d be hard to keep up.

I honestly believe your idea is fantastic. The problem for me is that you suggest a yo-yo store produce it. I think a private yearly magazine, run by a separate entity, with advertisements to pay for cost of production, run by someone who would enjoy compiling the information, would be very nice to see. But, it would have to be serious business, a monster of a publication, as anything flimsy might as well be an online journal. We have enough of those in my opinion. I think a yearly collector’s edition of some sort, with every yo-yo released that year as an overview, including what companies plan to offer for the next year, would be phenomenal. Because it is a yearly edition, they would have all year to sell it. A spin off of a trade publication of some sort. I believe yo-yoing could use more literature of this sort, documented in a serious manner. I love your idea, with some adjustments. A lot of things written online have typos and grammatical errors, thrown up in a hurry. I personally would like to avoid that. Nothing like sitting down with a good journal to read. A collectors’ item at that.

They have a blog, I think that’s probably sufficient.

Yep. I’m pretty solid at it in my area.

I would pay for that.

Why not just have a link to yoyoskills.com. its posted here often and they are a online magazine of sorts. No need for YoYoExpert to do it. It’s already done for them. And then there is the YoYoExpert blog. They post on there when they have anything anyways.

It’d be cool if the Internet isn’t as big as it is now. It’d be cool if magazines were still sellers and it was the only way you’ll get the latest information.

Online blogs/magazines are more cost-efficient nowadays. Heck, Facebook pages are more efficient on giving the latest stuff and it’s free! We’re paying for the Internet connection monthly anyway.

Even AYYA (American YoYo Association) has stopped publishing their newsletter/magazine. There’s just not that much demand for it.

A yoyo magazine would be kind of a cool, but theres not many new things to talk about so it would die out really fast.
I would think a catalog that showed the latest and newest yoyos would be cooler and better.