YYE Expert String vs OD Basics?

Opinions, anyone? Which is softer, longer, hold tension better, etc? Anything! ;D

Assuming the string that comes stock with One Drop yoyos is a One Drop Basics string, I will compare them.

YYE Bulk Poly: This string is a great cheap string. It comes in lots of colors, and lasts a good amount of time. By all means it is a bargain, especially since you have soo many color choices

One Drop Basics: I have only used 2 of these strings, but I thought they really managed tension ell and also lasted just a hair longer than YYE poly, however I have not used them as much as I ave YYE poly or Kitty string, so I can’t say that for sure. Also I have only seen white, but Im sure they have other colors.

Overall when given the choice, and assuming I can get other colors like Lime Green or Pink in One Drop Basics, I would definately choose the OD Basics over YYE Bulk, even though both are definitely good strings.

in all things

the YYE expert strings all the way!
(not bulk poly)

but Kitty destroys both imo
the Yellow is softer
the green is stiffer and more slack like
and the pink is inbetween
(the composition of the dye makes this happen)