what do you think of YYE bulk poly?

(The Yo mast3r) #1

Does it have good tension or slack characteristics (e.g. whips well)? does it feel soft? is it as long as kitty or does it come with a pre tied loop?


Plays well, lasts a while, about normal for bulk string. It is quite soft. Not nearly as long as Kitty and it does come with a pre-tied loop. I used to get the extra long version because the normal one was too short for me. You’ll definitely have to cut the extra long one :wink:


For the price, it is good string. It doesn’t last quite as long as Kitty, and plays a lot like Buddha or One Drop’s string in my experience. It is soft feeling and a regular length with a pre-tied loop. Whips and slacks are OK. It’s a good all-around “value” string, not a premium string.


I’m not a fan. I’d say it’s pretty okay for slacks and jazz. For the price, I guess it’s okay? I personally don’t like it. I have had two 100 string batches. The first batch felt and looked frayed when I got them and they twisted up pretty quick and also wore out pretty quick. The second batch felt and looked like they didn’t spend enough time twisting them together and were rough to touch giving me string burn quite easily. I guess I got two bad batches or something. The other strings I had were kitty string thin and found out I just don’t like thin strings lol. They are too light for me. better than the YYE stuff though Other than the weight of the string kitty is pretty good. I also bought some kevlar string to mess around with. That stuff is SUPER dense. Really good for slacks but you need to use them on a wide gaped yo-yo because they will snag like bauss. Fun strings though. If I could get my self some G-String I would buy that string form love nectar all day. Best string I have ever used. I bought a 5 pack a looooong time ago and LOOOOVED them. Soft, smooth, great for slacks or anything really. Not too thick yet not too thin. Perfect.


Not thick enough.

(Choncworth) #6

Pretty sure the YYE bulk are what OD’s ship with stock.

For the price they’re a good buy.

YoyoStringLabs and Zipline Strings is what I’d recommend.