YYE Chat


You know how the chat used to tell you who was in the chat? Now it doesn’t, and I’m kinda annoyed. Like if I want to chat with somebody in particular, it won’t tell me until I enter.


is it that hard to take 2 seconds to go in?


That was the old chat. The new and improved version does not do that, since it is a real chat server, not a jury rigged add on to the forum.


Also, in IRC chat you can change your name. As well as that, you can get an irc client, and join many different chats at the same time. such as #theyo, or #chat as well as millions of others. I see no reason to go back to the old chat. The old was was annoying, and often had issues. Spammers had to be manually removed. chat filter was REALLY easy to bypass. Now, we have many more features and advantages. Plus, there are several of us hardcore idlers that may or may not be ready to chat. However, generally when people complain about inactivity, we ignore them. OR we torment them. So, dont complain about “AI LIEKD DA OLD CHTT BETTAR” as so many have. They are generally ignored. Just come in and have fun.


I personally love the chat room, and have had many hours of conversation since I came back into yo’ing very recently. I say the only problem with the chat, is we need to get more people in their, but it’s been booming lately, especially at very late hours of the night when you think everyone would be sleeping. I say it’s perfect, just needs more people from time to time.


The web-based thing only shows how many people are using the web-based chat client.

Most people are using a dedicated IRC client, which works a lot better, but they won’t show as numbers on the web site.