Prefered old chat list

Maybe it’s just me, but I like the old list that listed everyone that was in chat before. Now it just says how many are in the room. I know the list did get rather long sometimes, but it was nice if you wanted to talk to certain people.

The old chat was a part of the forum. The IRC is integrated. Don’t think it can happen.



irc chat is better. or is it just to much work to click the link and see if the person you want to talk to is there?

Carl I would rather it be there too but it’s not. This doesn’t mean he’s too lazy or anything like that. Chill Bro.

The old chat was way better no one is on the chat any more

arg… i am ALWAYS on chat. i generally dont respond, as usually the conversation is without point. ask “mi” what irc chat is about

I think one of the issues is that there’s a knowledge level and an effort required to really enjoy IRC. People are so used to firing up a web browser and clicking “here” and then being entertained.

I think the concept of an IRC client is totally beyond the scope for most people. This just serves as a preliminary filter to weed out those who most likely won’t contribute and troublemakers.