Does anyone still use IRC chat?

I don’t know if it is just me not using it at the right times, or not using it correctly, but whenever I go on the chat, nobody is using it. What purpose does this feature serve?


There certainly was a golden age for the #yoyoexpert IRC years ago. Nowadays all of the frequent users - including myself - have since grown silent, left the community, or focused their attention on more important aspects of their lives (work, school, etc.). I’ve also noticed that I silently lost OP privileges some time ago.

This was always combined with the important factor that most causal users here don’t /understand/ IRC correspondence. Conversations often evolve over the course of hours and /days/ as opposed to minutes. Tons of users - even during the golden age - would hop in, say hello, say HELLO? ? ? ?, and then leave 30 seconds later. This was amusing because often there actually /was/ a deep conversation in progress that they never got to see because the posts were arriving at minute intervals. My metaphor of choice was waiting at a bus stop and leaving in a huff when one didn’t arrive 15 seconds later.

I’d suggest lurking the channel (a common IRC practice) and waiting for other users to enter to begin a conversation. Although, I have noticed that the IRC is particularly “dead,” so this may be a dire endeavor.

I miss IRC.

aaahhhh i seee so that’s how irc’s work. I always thought it was like aim or something back in the day. Well that’s fun haha.