YYE Chat

Just out of curiosity, are people ever active in the chat? Even during Thurday nights it seems like the chat room is always barren. The last time I remember actually conversing on a YYE chat was when Haru was giving away a FH2. But yeah just wanting to see what you guys think.

I check the chat occasionaly but theres hardly ever anyone there chatting

Theres always a conversation or two or a few throughout the day. You wont really notice unless you are on frequently. If you check every once in a while just to see if anyone’s checking odds are there wont be.

Popping into IRC for erratic intervals and not seeing any conversation is like waiting at a bus stop for 30 seconds and being frustrated when a bus hasn’t come yet. Best chances at being present for conversation is to do what users have been doing ever since IRC has been a thing: idle.

I hang out there for several hours but only check back about every 5 minutes at a time. The problem is people popping in and saying “anyone here” and then leaving. Of course I won’t respond instantly.