Getting old.

Just realized that it’s been 5 years since I first signed up to YYE. Damn. I can still vaguely remember the days when I used to read every single thread and spend hours in chat every day.

I’m gonna be honest, the old flash-based chat was the best. IRC is nice and streamline and all, but I felt like the theme of the flash chat gave it more of a sense of “chat room” than the IRC does in my opinion.

A lot has changed over these five years. Seen some really great companies\people come and go.

It’s a real shame when one of those community pillars leaves. But there’s always new people coming in that hold a lot of potential.

I’m coming up to a relatively significant birthday, and I don’t even have a proper job yet, despite being far too old for being in that scenario. Although I haven’t been throwing that long, perhaps it’s a way of staying close to youth, inside if not on the outside.