Weird Old Version of Chat room!

Ok, so I was going into chat, so I just typed in:

And I got this Chat that looked like it was the old version and nobody was on it and it was just really weird and hard to explain! Everybody check this out and post some responses!

OMG!!! Nobody from the new chat was in there, but they were like ghosts…

That should be like the “secret” chartroom ;]

It’s not the weird old version. It is the old chat.

Why did Andre leave it? He should of deleted it…

Oh, it’s weird how it’s still there…

André, do you have any answers?

I don’t think there really is anything to answer…

Don’t delete it !

Ok, what I don’t understand is why it is still accessible. Obviously, there are no links to it, but how come if you type it in it shows up? How long ago was the new chat room invented?

Let’s all get in it!

OK guys, how about 8:00 EST we all go into the old chat room and talk about STUFF!

Woot, lets spread the word, wait… there’s only 4 more minutes, quick!

We’ve got 4 people right now! Come on, we need more!

This should be the chat room for those of us that know each other the most.

if you enter your username from the new chatroom it will automatically take you into the chat room and you can chat with other people.