YYE Ceramic Bearings

Anybody know how they play? They look good for the price

fantastic spin times and smoothness.

They are good but not 30$ good

The YYE ones are about $12.

Depends on wether you get normal or ceramic.

Besides, they sell some Profiled ones that are ceramic too I’m pretty sure.

Which one are you talking about??

The original poster asked about YYE Ceramic bearings. Not “ceramic bearings sold at YYE” but “YYE Ceramic Bearings”. That’s what I’m talking about.

YYE bearings are here: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/186/YoYoExpert-Bearings

In the drop-down, you can select Ceramic Size C. This updates the price to $11.99.

O, YYE ceramic. We are all thinking about Terrapin. At least me and Jackbates8.

Thanks for the cleanup.

But to the OP, are you talking about YYE Ceramic bearings or a Terrapin? Ceramic?

Not meaning to drag this out, but the title is “YYE Ceramic Bearings.” If he wanted to know about Terrapin, he likely would have said “Terrapin Ceramic Bearings.”

But if that’s not enough, the original post says “they look good for the price” which implies he thinks they are inexpensive; a bargain. I don’t know anybody that thinks of Terrapin as “inexpensive” even if many do feel they are worth the cost.

I thought it was pretty darned clear. Without even asking the OP to clarify, I’m going to say with 99% certainty that they were talking about “YYE Ceramic Bearings”. :wink:

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Yeah I was talking about the YYE Ceramics just like the title says…

Sorry, I thought it meant Ceramic bearings sold on YYE.

I didn’t realize YYE sells their own Ceramic. That’s really cool,

Actually, I want to hear the answer to this question also. I hear good things about ceramic bearings.

I don’t know about the YYE ones, but I’m in no hurry to get more ceramic bearings. I have two. To get full advantage from them, you should run them dry (though Frank Difeo does recommend lube even for ceramics, so there are dissenting opinions on that point!). I hate the sound. That’s all it comes down to for me… I wasn’t playing my yoyos that had ceramic bearings installed because it was driving me nuts.

Two nights ago, put some lube into one of them. What the heck… I’m not playing it anyhow, might as well lube it and treat it like a steel bearing and at least put it into service.

So far, so good. But due to the lube I don’t think it’s performing significantly better than a plain old steel bearing.

Even before that, my technique was a FAR (and I mean… like really really far) more detrimental factor on my combos than the bearing. Sloppy technique isn’t saved by a higher-performing bearing. So for the time being (and probably well into the future), ceramics aren’t for me.

I own a yye ceramic bearing and honestly it’s a great deal of course only the balls are ceramic but still a great bearing

if you live anywhere near a beach, ceramic bearings are basically a necessity. Beach air loves to rust steel. Otherwise, there’s not that much difference really.
I’ve never used the yye ceramic bearing, but I did use a ceramic kk before, and I was very much so unimpressed. And thus I just stick with the cheapest bargain bin bearings I can get (well, I actually have only ever bought a few bearings. Most of mine came with the yoyos.)