Birthday bearing!

I got a new bearing for my birthday.

I like it!

What type is it??

It is an all ceramic bearing. No steel anywhere. Not affiliated with any Yoyo brand. I haven’t taken it apart but I am pretty sure it is an 8-ball. Runs very smooth. It is completely dead even with a little lube.

The bearing was more then my Yelets!

Is it worth the cost to u?

Where did you get it and how does it play


It was a gift from my father in law. It spins longer then my ceramic buddha bearing.

I think for most people the price would be very hard to justify. The biggest thing is the full ceramic should have a longer lifespan then the hybrid since ceramic on ceramic has less friction and abrasion then ceramic on steel.

Unless the lifespan is that of 7 or 8 buddha bearings then I would not think the additional cost is justified from a cost-performance point of view. For the cool factor it might be worth it. The photo is bad the bearing is actually super bright white. It looks awesome!

what ceramic bearings play similarly or almost as good for cheaper?

My only other ceramic is the Buddha Whipple Ceramic bearing. It plays just about as good. I think you reach the point of diminishing returns with this bearing. Yes it plays better, but you have to pay significantly more for the little improvement.

I’m a huge fan of ceramic bearings, and I’ve always wanted to try out a full ceramic bearing. The isn’t a huge performance increase, but I notice the difference.

The real benefit of ceramic bearings is their longevity. They last much, much longer than steel bearings. I can’t stand it when bearings die on me, and with how much I yoyo, it happens fairly regularly, especially if I’m running them try.

With ceramic bearings though, I almost never have to clean them, and as long as I keep them very lightly lubed, they never give me any issue. Much less maintenance involved.

Plus, full ceramic bearings look sweet. I may be the only person able to see the bearing in my yoyo, but the look alone might be worth the price.

do you prefer ceramic to metal bearings?

Sweet I would get one but the prices are like :o lol

Without a doubt I prefer ceramic to steel. As long as it is a good quality ceramic. Assuming 2 bearings have identical construction tolerances the ceramic one will always last longer and work better because the ceramic is harder and has less friction.

Ceramic is harder than steel?

Are ceramic much louder?

Oooh I might need to pick a few of those up maybe. my dad brought home a micrometer from work to measure my Yoyo bearings to know the exact size of my size C bearings. I can buy all kinds of bearings in bulk now like by the 25s or more. the company would probably I would be buying them from when I have the money specializes in bearings on a daily basis so all the better for me. That and this probably means they should have ceramic bearings along with all the other kinds out there.

If u but some in bulk I think many people would buy some off of u including me!

How much are these bearings?

Are ceramic bearings loud?

Most bearings dry all sound the same in my experience. Some yoyo shapes seem to amplify sound.

I am pretty sure this bearing is about $70-80.00. Depends on where it is purchased from.

I’ve seen full-ceramic bearings for $20 or a bit less. But you have to order from China, which means credit card and a long wait.

Just saying, but Ceramics are freaking expensive, even in bulk, you’d be paying $20 or more each. And I personally don’t think there’s anything special about ceramics, but if you want on, then go for it. Just don’t drop it :wink: Ceramic may be harder than steel, but it is MUCH more brittle.