YYE business cards, or flyers .

I live in New York City, and I play for about a hour a day in public.  I get asked over and over, where can I buy that yoyo ?  A card with the web address to the store and learn section , would save me a lot of time.   
Just another crazy idea of mine . Turn this into a contest.On the back of the card , there could be a code for free string or something . For first time buyers that enter a user name as a referral code. And  who ever gets the most referrals wins .


I think the idea has merit, but most people can remember “yoyoexpert” and stick a .com after it and there ya go. That’s why it’s good to have a catchy, simple name.

Want to know stuff about yoyo? yoyonews well, that and yoyoskills.


Most people can remember , but I get a lot of younger ones who ask me twice . And there is a bit of language barrier , with the some of the tourists .


Stick a few YYE stickers in your pocket (the address is on them), or those trick cards that come with orders, if you have a few lying around. Or, just have a few slips of paper pre-written with the web address on it that you can hand to them. Last resort, next time you order from YYE, explain this and maybe they will add extra cards with your order, or a few extra stickers. I’ll look around and see if I have any extras, if I do, you can have them.


I like jiggys idea with the system with the account


Offering rewards for referrals is a great way to get new people involved. The people here would be more inclined to teach new throwers. Of course, you shouldn’t have to reward people to get them to get new people into yoyoing, but, that’s just how it is. Same with putting up Missing Dog signs. You see a $100 reward for finding a dog, you really want to find that dog!