YYE App?


Who all used the mobile app for the forum in the App Store?

(Cinimod105) #2

Personally, I am waiting for the Android app to come out. I hope it does come out, since a substantial amount of users seem to be using Android. :-[


I like using the website more, and I’m on my ipad. It’s easier and I can go to the store and checkout yoyos!


I use the app but still use the website for more information the app doesn’t have.


Use tapatalk. It works wonders.


I’m using it right now. I use it much more than I use the website, mainly because I’m too lazy to get the laptop lol. I guess it could be a little better if it were easier to choose a specific brand or yoyo to look at, there were previous and next page buttons and the blog wouldn’t reload itself every time you go to the forum and then go back.


Oh and an option to compare yoyos could be amazing, but then again I think I might be pushing it…


i use its handy I will give that much I use it when I’m on the go :smiley: