yuuksta vs lunatic vs protege

which one do u guys feel more comfortable in the hand which grinds the best which is fastest stuff like that and dont say dv888 i have one

I’ve only had a Yuuksta so I can’t say about the other two.

The Yuuksta has no real lip for thumb grinding, so if you want a thumb grinding yoyo, look at the other two.

I really liked the H-shape of the Yuuksta; it played fast and stayed really stable. For a while the Yuuksta was my go-to yoyo when I practicing or needed an all around yoyo that could handle my (sometimes messy) freestyles.

I would recommend a Yuuksta from my experience (unless you really want to be able to thumb grind easily). Small, but not too small. Definitely comfortable in the hand.

I haven’t played with a Protege, but it looks like a good shape to me too.

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I think the Yuuksta is what your looking

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thanks and thumb grinding i love but i dont care a ihave a dark magic 2 and dv888 that are great for thumb gring i just wanted another throw when i got to north east regionals thanks a lot im leaning toward a yuuksta

hmm i have a yuuksta and its amazing and i can pull off thumb grinds but they are kindda hard…

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thanks at north east regionals ill pick mine up

I’ve got to recommend the Protege over the Yuuksta actually. I’ve owned both and found the Protege to be far more stable than the Yuuksta. It may just be me, but the Protege is one of my favorite throws and I couldn’t get rid of my Yuuksta fast enough.

now im in a slump and its either these or the toyojam new breed and yoyofacrory protostar i can have two yoyo but i want one really good one and i heard good thing about these

how is the phenomizm


I’ve got a New Bre3d (That’s how it’s spelled) and it’s a amazing player


The protege is awesome. Its a solid player. It comes in pink too.

The Protostar and New Breed indeed very good for any player, but if you are trying to find a high class or high end metal which will out-perform many yoyo’s and be able to handle anything, Yuuksta is the line.

Although I’ve heard that the Protege is very beast and, at the same time, similar to the Dv888. But it seems as if everyone recommended Yuuksta and i recommend it too.

thank you