Being new to the world of yoyo I don’t know a lot of the all the famous throwers as being new I looked around googled and youtube people and the one person that kept popping up was YUUKI spencer I couldnt anything new on him except his old contest freestyles which are mind blowing another website said that he is the greatest 1a tech player of all time I would like to know if that statement is consider true with everyone and why do you feel that he is consider the greatest of all time

He posts videos on Instagram fairly regularly @YUUKIS_

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Yuukis will be competing at 44Clash this month. I’m personally REALLY looking forward to seeing that routine.


Are they gonna have videos this year or are you going to be there?

Well since ‘tech’ seems to be a somewhat subjective term, then the ‘best’ would also be matter of opinion. That being said I don’t think it’s a far stretch to say that Yuuki is ‘one of the best’ technical players.

Here’s a little compilation from him a couple of years back just for some fun watching.

He does have a very distinct style, and you can notice technical elements of his still being used widely today. He’s also the only person besides Mickey in recent years to have won the 1A World Championship Division more than once (that I can recall at any rate). So he definately deserves credit where it’s due for being a fantastic player. :slight_smile:

His competition history says it all:

That’s an impressive resume right there.  :o

Yuuki’s a Wizard.

No video as usual, but I’ll be there for CLYW. And as part of our sponsorship, we got exclusive permission to put short clips up on Instagram…first time ever for 44Clash!


I always love the, ‘Greatest of all Time’, phrase.

Like we’re going back a million years, lol.

Forrest Gump was the Greatest Ping Pong player of All time.

Vito was the best Pizza dough tosser of All Time.

Seriously, we are not really going back to Fossil days.

Unless we are including that Half a Cave man they found in that T-Rex. He had rock yoyos in his hands. But then again; that would make him a 2A player; wouldn’t it. Possibly the Best 2A player that ever got bitten in half by a Dinosaur.

No doubt, though; Yuuki is One Bad Man with a Yoyo.

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Easily the greatest 1a tech player of all time imo

thats what i keep reading online about watched a few videos on him and wow he is great he is gonna be competing in that 44clash contest in japan first time competing in 2 years