need some history behind Yukki Spenser.

Can someone tell me or give me a link on who he is, what contests he has won, his sponsors, his active yoyo years, and what he’s doing now. I have his yoyoexpert cards for 2011 and have seen some preformances, and seen pictures of him but I really don’t know much about him.
all kinds of help is welcomed. Thankyou. :slight_smile:

He is a 3x US national champion, and a 2x world champion, in the 1a division.

He also created Yuuki Slack.

Yuuki wasn’t born, he was created.

After the yoyo was born in Ancient Greece, the gods looked down from Olympus and became enviable of the mortals and their skills. In order to once again assert their divinity, they formed the ultimate yoyoing being, and send him to walk among mortal men.

Obviously we can’t know exactly how he was made, but a lot of secular historians agree that it went a little something like this:

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


The best 1A player of all time.

Stahp I’m dying over here

I wish Yuuki would make a comeback. Even by just looking at the LSFC video he released earlier in the year you can tell. He still has it.

Amazing. I had no idea.

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Well, his name is spelled “Yuuki Spencer” for a start.


His movements are unrealisticly fluid

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King of 1A. Nuff said.

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Best post ever on YYE.

Omg I’m dying! Great post!

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