Andre Boulay vs. Yuuki Spencer

Who is better Yuuki Spencer or Andre Boulay.

Andre doesn’t have any recent freestyle videos up, we don’t know how good he is now. We can’t judge.

But I would say that Andre DID do more for the yoyoing community, he is captain of team yyj, and he is National YoYo Master.

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yeah idk they both are really close… but andre DID ALOT more for the yoyoing community.

Yeah Andre has and does a lot for the community but Yuuki is inspiring the younger and older throwers. This guy has grown up yoyoing, you can find videos of him in his younger years and even then he was throwing some freakishly awesome tricks.

there is no new vids of andre, like what rsmod123 said. yuuki won the world so might be a little better. but i like andre more because he is nice, and did tons of stuff for the yoyoing community. he also inspired about yoyoing and taught me yoyo tricks. (on the learn section of this site) with out andre, i would not even be able to do trapese. (he even informed me about the sunshine kite company when i emailed him) (before i new about this site, the sunshine kite company or anything else, i was learning out of a duncan trick book)

Apples to oranges.

They’re completely different.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Yuuki. He has a more modern style than Andre. Not to knock andre who is super smooth and always tries to add a bit of flair. He’s also done a lot for the community. But just straight up skill, then I think it’s yuuki. No flaming would be nice, thanks.

Yuuki , IMO.

Think. He was pretty much the creator of kind of yoyoing we do today.
Think again. Notice how everybody does a little bit of Yuuki stuff in there tricks (More advanced people.)
Just saying, Yuuki did win worlds with a stock freehand when he was about 12…

I got to go with Andre, I just like his style better.

As a person- Andre. As a player- Yuuki.

Yuuki Spencer all the way.

Thanks for the vid Logan. I really appreciated it.


i have a hard time believing that a stock freehand could do that if it could though i gotta go get one but id prob get a fhz over the orginal

I would go with Andre Boulay. All the way.

I think that the two players belong to their on categories and therefore can’t and shouldn’t be compared. Yuuki is a competitive player and some of the most important people in the evolution of yo-yo tricks, whereas André instead has given huge amount of players a great start with this incredible site and he also has worked much for the community.

It’s just your preference which one you put higher value on: Style and success in contests or the help one has given and the work he has done for the community?