yuuki spencer side throw=help

hey most of u will know the normal throws gravity pull and breakaway but im trying a yuuki spencer throw and am having problems can any one help at 1:43 he does it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1htmtb9SJt4

are you refering to the ufo throw?

I’m pretty sure he is anyways I’d suggest trying to throw it like a frisbee! Also Sebastian Brock did it in the 2008 world yoyo contest right here:       
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWuAhk-2wHg He does the “UFO” throw at 2:40!

Sebby is awesome!

I’m a Sebby Fan!


PS: He is gonna be the 2009 World Yo-Yo 1A Champ

PSS:Go Sebby!

PSSS: I’m going off subject :-[

Mickey’s 5 last tricks are using those. Micky’s ufo trick is cooler than that seb guy bcause he adds speed, what he owns at ftw! but he’s probably not gonna get champ this year bcause he’s not thinking of any new tricks :frowning:

Its pretty simple, but hard to do. You have to throw a ufo, and do trapeze based tricks off of it. I suggest using short string, and a plastic yoyo.

Oh yeah, plastic yoyo, you’ll hit yourself quite often when trying to learn them. When binding sideways, you almost always get knots for some stupid reason unknown to me.

When throwing sideways, you will normally stick your finger out IMMEDIATELY to get the most momentum like getting into a split bottom mount or trapeze, and when u stick your finger out, there is an inevitable chance that there is a knot, and you whack yourself real hard. Thats what happened to me at least 10 times and i gave up trying to learn sideways rofl.