Yup! I made some strings.

I saw at dollar tree that they had little sewing kits. I asked myself, “I wonder if I could make string out of those little spools” So i bought 2. I’m guessing that they were cotton, but still! I made some string! I found a perfect place to do it in my room, and ended up having enough to make 4. One is on my shutter, and then there’s these three.

Was it only $1? I may have to head down there! Nice!

With 1$ i could make 2 or maybe 3, but i bought 2 1$ packs to make the four. And I might have enough to make 1 more.

It feels so good knowing that the string that youre using is something that you made.

This string actually manages tension quite well and whips ok. I can get brent stole pretty consecutively.

Congrats croccery on making your first strings