Yoyozhiriz a brand from Indonesia

Hi All,

My name is Alvius from YOYOZHIRIZ Indonesia.
Yoyozhiriz is a new brand, we started with Gryphon (just release on March 21).

Here are our official website: http://yoyozhiriz.ozhiriz.com
Promotional video: https://youtu.be/v8dUAupG9Us
Instagram account: http://instagram.com/yoyozhiriz




This is the specification of Gryphon

  • diameter: 54.7 mm
  • weight: 67.5 gr
  • width: 42.9 mm
  • gap: 4.28 mm
  • response: silicone pad
  • bearing: C Sized Konkave

And now, we are preparing our new model “Clarent”


Nice yoyo!

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I’ve got issues with that rim, if I’m honest.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have,t try the gryphon yet alvius, really curious about that one.

waw ada om arif.
you can try them at Prodigy Jakarta :slight_smile:

Om apaan? >:(

Sorry, I suppose we can’t talk in Indonesian in here, I don’t want to get banned. :smiley:
I will try to come to Prodigy Jakarta, hope I will make it, wish me luck.
well, you can try the Angkasa there.


New color of Gryphon


that galaxy colorway really appeals me

it’s only only you :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks btw

Lets keep this thread alive.

You should post that video of winalda here.

Our first contest team: Winalda Aryudha

Our official Instagram: @yoyozhiriz


got to try one at INYC 2016, I will be writing a review.

Played hard with that blue one.
Thanks for your review, really appreciate it