Yoyoozhiriz Gryphon Review

Yoyozhiriz Gryphon Review


It’s been a very long time that I haven’t write any review on yoyo, well, it’s been a long time since last time I get a new yoyo. So maybe it’s a good time to once again share my experience with the first release of Yoyozhiriz, the Gryphon. Really aggressive name for a first release in my opinion.
To be honest, I’m kinda surprised the first time I know about the Gryphon, I don’t even know it existed until it released, but the news about it make me excited.
A yoyo form my home country, Indonesia.

Spec first
Diameter (mm) 54.8
Weight (g) 67.4
Width (mm) 42.9
Bearing type Size C Concave
Response Silicone Pad 19mm
Material Aluminum


The construction of the Gryphon is nothing fancy, two aluminum haves joined by axle and bearing, completed with response system. (Really…)
It’s a mid-size throw, as I would like to call it, nice width at about 43 mm, but based on what I see, there are flat areas on the edge of the rims. This, in my opinion, reduced the effective catch zone of the yoyo. Not by much though, the Gryphon is still very capable regardless.
The overall shape is a mix or V shape and hourglass shape, thanks to the rims (which is flat out on the edges as I said before), the yoyo is comfortable to catch, it won’t strike you with possible injuries like many V shape yoyo will.
Actually, when looking at the Gryphon, this things like, I’m all business on the stage


At more than 67 grams, the gryphon feel really, really solid, more over thanks to 55 millimeter diameter, and judging by overall layout, there is a lot of rim weight in a small package, contributes even more to its stability.
There a decent thunk as the yoyo hits the end of the string, little bit too much for my liking though (I really like a yoyo that don’t thunk, I like a yoyo that gradually hits the end of the string). It simply tell you that it spinning, and ready for some action.
In the middle of the tricks, you can feel almost exactly where the yoyo is, and calculate or reacted on where the yoyo would drop. It’s a really solid throwing experience, but still an agile throw.
The shape also feel nice for rejection kind of tricks, the string just glide off of the yoyo without changing the planar of the yoyo.

Well, what do you expect from shiny anodized yoyo? And as far as I know, until this review is done, there are no blasted Grphon in existence, so let’s just skip this part.
Finger spin? Well, I don’t really do finger spins, in fact, I can’t.
But I’ve seen some people do amazing finger spins on the Gryphon, it should be nice since the Gryphon has a flat hub and a massive rim weight.


Stable, well, I think these days people has really accustomed to stable yoyo. Add a bit more rim weight to everything, and it will be stable enough for anyone.
But I like to add some more things.
At high rpm, great, but as it gradually loses rpm, stability kinda fades away. I feel like, as the yoyo loses RPM, the more effort t I need to keep the yoyo straight.
So, I think the Gryphon is a yoyo that like to be given a lot power, and by lots I also mean almost repeatedly. But have no fear, the yoyo has enough spin time to glide through any combo I has, but sometimes, I just don’t want to throw as hard, and that gave me problem.
I don’t really know whether if there is too many friction between the strings and the yoyo body, since the Gryphon is unblasted, or just the nature of the yoyo.
It’s like the yoyo is not built for relaxed kind of play, more for a ‘Blazing through The String’ kind of play.
Horizontals you ask? Well, I think horizontals are more about how you control the yoyo, huh? You say that the yoyo also play part? Well, let’s just say that the Gryphon has enough for horizontal tricks.

Final Thought
This yoyo is design for competitive play, that’s what I think of it from the first time I had one.
Even though it can be play at lower speed, but it just feel that the yoyo ask for more speed. As I said, this yoyo feels like it design from the ground up for pure performance in mind.
I think this is a great first release from Yoyozhiriz, and I really like to review their second yoyo, The Clarent.
Hopefully soon.