yoyoZeekio Golem: A High Speed YoYo Review

I have seen yoyoZeekio talked about online and offered up in the BST sections of quite a few forums for quite some time but I have never had the chance to throw a yoyoZeekio branded product until now. The company itself is owned by the same parent company that owns YoYoSam, Twisted Stringz, and the recently reopened YoYoSkills website, so there is a definite connection to the yo-yo community. Today I am looking at one of their newest releases, the Golem. In folklore the Golem was an amorphous being formed from mud and clay, usually used to protect the people of a city or a faith… pretty heady stuff to lay on a yo-yo but kind of makes sense considering that a yo-yo starts off as an amorphous chunk of aluminum that is formed into the toy we so love today. In quite a few of the old Golem stories, the being ends up turning into a monster, lets hope that is not the case for the yo-yo I am reviewing today.

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all my sources list it as 68g

It very well could be. I was going off the official specs for the Golem listed on yoyoZeekio’s website.

Strange thing… the only store that sells it in the US, which is owned by the company that owns yoyoZeekio, lists it at 68 grams.

I had more faith in this one, now at least I know not too expect too much…