Big Brother Yo-Yos Swirly: High Speed YoYo Review

This is another one of those “out of my comfort zone” yo-yos. It is my first mini yo-yo. Everyone has a specific size they like for a yo-yo, mine is in the undersized (50-52mm diameter) category. The Swirly falls under that line. It is also another one of those yo-yos that I knew very little about before I purchased it. Finally, it weighs in at 62 grams. I am fond of a heavy throw. I want a “thunk” at the end of the string and I want to know where it is when it is moving. Well, can this yo-yo live up to its larger, heavier, and meaner siblings in the Big Brother line or does it need to be flushed?

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Wow, they’ve really outdone themselves. Look at the shape! :o

Anyways, good review. :wink: Good thing you didn’t use the Forum Rating System.

Where did you get it?

The shape is sick!

Holy, never seen a yoyo shaped like that before, what’s it called?