MagicYoyo D5 DarkSprite Review

Intro- So you probably know MagicYoyo as the Chinese budget metal company. We’ll that’s what I thought when first checked them out. I later realized they were an Indonesian company and also carried two plastic models. The d5 and d6. What made these yoyos ever more interesting is that they glow. So I took the 29.97 plunge and ordered my first Delrin. Was it a smart decision? Let’s see!

Diameter- 55mm
Width- 44mm
Gap- 4.5mm
Weight- 68 grams
Bearing- Size C Buddha Dimple

Construction-it looks as though the Dark Sprite has a nice V shape. With a easily accessible catch zone. Features a blasted rim that makes grinding a piece of cake. The inner cup includes the weight rings and past that a metal center. The weight rings are thin so there is a IRG past it.

Response and Bearing- there’s good news and bad news with the response. Bad news: it’s snaggy. Good news: it only last 2 days. The response is now smooth and reliable. The bearing looks like a CT. After cleaning and lubing it plays quite nice. Buddha bearings seem fine by me.

Weight- this is a 68 gram yoyo. Maybe a bit heavy for some at first glance. (Protostar is 67.5grams) However it’s not sluggish at all. Id give it a medium paced rating. (I rarely go fast. It may have such capabilities)

Glow- it’s freakin awesome. Glow super bright. My iPhone flashlight super charges it and makes late night practice possible. #nolights

Playability- the D5 is a well playing yoyo. Once you get past the couple days of snaggy response, you’ll enjoy a smooth, solid, stable yoyo. As I’ve said it’s no slug and should be fine for medium to fast paced play.

Final thoughts- This yoyo plays well, has a pretty price tag, plus it Glows. I think that if you decide to fork out the cash you won’t be disappointed.

First review. Thanks for reading. Comments welcome.

It is one of the best plastics I have played. My only complaint is that it has really slippy binds.

I’m pretty confident MagicYoYo is actually Chinese. They just have a decent presence in Indonesia with a dedicated team and distributor.

Both the D5 and D6 look quite nice. Would love to see how they compare to a ProtoStar or Rally.

After reading their about page i’ve come to the conclusion that Magicyoyo is an Indonesian company that works with a Chinese manufacture in Shenzhen. Both opperating under thr name Magicyoyo the only digference being the cn after the manufactures name.

I have a protostar and would say I prefer it’s lighter feel on the string but that’s all preferences.

How was the review? (Thanks for reading)

Great review! How do you like the response on the d5? My n12 was slippy.

Thanks for reading. And I’m glad you liked the review.

My N12 just recently became slippy after 3 months of play. As far as my d5 it was snaggy and miserable for the first couple days. Now it’s consistent. No slipped binds.

MagicYoyos generally don’t come with top notch response. Fortunately my D5 has ended up breaking in perfectly (my N12 isn’t quite as grippy as I like, but it works well enough). There’s always silicone if you’re no satisfied, so I generally don’t take into account replaceables when I’m judging a yoyo’s performance.

That being said, the D5 is my favorite plastic yoyo. Ever. No exceptions. It might even be my favorite yoyo overall, but that’s a slightly more competitive position in my collection. It performs along my RecRevs and CLYWs with ease, and sometimes I feel it outperforms them. I got the clear one rather than the glow one, and it’s probably the prettiest yoyo in my shelf. The ano and engraving on the rims is so bright and crisp.

I feel the same way. :wink:

How was this for a first review?

Great. Very concise, but still informative. I just am curious about one thing: what tricks/ freestyle elements did you test this yoyo on if their were any specific ones?

Everything in “Back In The Daze” (my last video) was made while using this yoyo. I first remember doing And Whut and a variety of suicides when I first opened it. Other than that I think I’ve done every trick I know on it other than ones that require a responsive yoyo.

hey guys, do you know if there are any major differences between the D5 Dark Sprite and the D6 Crystal? i decided to order a Crystal seeing as it was $15 on ebay. just wondering if you guys figured it would play similar to the D5?

it looks identical… all i can see is the most minute differences in size based on the stats given (like .1mm differences), and i’m not 100% faithful in the ebay stats provided by the overseas companies (no offense to them)

D6 is significantly lighter and has a floatier feel.

see, they lied to me. stats say it is .5 grams heavier than the D5.

i shall enjoy it regardless, thanks for the quick response!

**edit: and now i’m finding postings that say it is 8 grams lighter… dang… 60g seems LIGHT, better not play like another YYF One…

on a side note, wonder why they don’t have any D5s on ebay… kind of odd

and GOCRAZYFORYOYO, nice first review, made me want to go out and buy one… sorry to derail

oh and nice haircut too

According to the Magic YoYo website:

Series: D5 Dark Sprite
Weight (g): 68.5
Diameter (mm): 55.00
Width (mm): 44.00
Gap Width (mm):4.50

Series: D6 Crystal
Weight (g): 65.64-69.50
Diameter (mm): 54.3
Width (mm): 43.6
Gap Width (mm): 4.7

Not sure why the D6 has such a large weight range. Maybe they use different plastics for the glow, transparent and white versions resulting in different weights???

Clear versions are made of acrylic. Maybe that’s it?

I’m quite positive the clear D5s are delrin, just like the other colors. I don’t see why the Crystal would be any different.

EDIT: Looked up the D6 specs, you might be right. The material is listed as “POM&PMM&Aluminum”. The weight rings are aluminum, and the non-brand name of Delrin is POM. I couln’d find PMM, but PMMA is acrylic.

i’ll weigh the white/blue D6 when it gets here from China and let you guys know what it’s exact weight is, even though it probably won’t help or matter to anyone