YoYoSkills.com Tutorial - “c-cow-b”

(Chris Allen) #1

YoYoSkills.com Tutorial - “c-cow-b”

People have been asking for a tut for this for a while. Well here it is.


Crazy Corkscrew Open Wine Bottle! That’s awesome man. I gotta figure that one out.

(Shisaki) #3

Can never go wrong with Jackie Chan :slight_smile:


nice idea
keep up he awesome work

(DOGS) #5

thats a fun trick! I cant stop doing it now. Is the yoyo a beysick?

(Q) #6

Thank you very much for the tutorial!

(SR) #7

Dude I need to learn that trick RIGHT NOW. It looks so awesome! ;D

And yes it is, it said at the end of the video.

(M²) #8

I don’t understand the whip part. Which string am i supposed to whip.


Got it on the third try. This is so epically fun. Awesome trick Chris.

(JM) #10

It’s the string that you curl your finger into. It’s a very similar motion to plastic whip.

I should note that I’ve hit myself in the face twice.

(M²) #11

Am i supposed to get a sorta green triangle thing when i whip.


How do you dismount?


Just drop. There isn’t really a knot that forms. At least when I did it. But I might have done it wrong. ::slight_smile: lol

(Chris Allen) #14

Yup, Just drop.


Hmmm,i’m getting a crazy knot when i drop…

(stephen_cameron) #16

JM i hear you, I gave myself a fat lip, also hit myself in the man parts. Hurt.

(Infinite Chaos) #17

Lmao. That’s never fun. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d better keep that in mind when I go to try this thing out tomorrow. lol :smiley:

(Q) #18

Who knew that yoyoing could be used in place of a vasectamy? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Infinite Chaos) #19