and whut?

Does anybody have any advice for that crazy whip at the end of and whut?

there’s a whip in and whut?
I think I know the part you’re talking about, in which case there actually was a video that explained a much easier way to do it that I watched when I learned it. I’ll try to find it

edit: sorry, I couldn’t find the video. I tried shooting one myself, but I couldn’t find an angle that would show it clear enough. A first person view would be perfect, but I had no way of getting one with my iphone with both my hands preoccupied. I tried taping it to a hat, putting on something overhead, I even tried putting it inside my motorcycle helmet (which gave me the angle I was looking for, but unfortantely the camera is way too blurry to really make out what’s going on that way) Makes me wish I hadn’t lost my contour hd :confused:
basically, start with a trapeze. stick out your throw hand index finger, and move the yoyo over it (like you’re going into a 1.5 mount)
from there, you should have what I’m going to refer to as the top string and the bottom string. The top string being the one closer to you than the other.
Now the hard part to explain. you know the mount he goes into at :50 seconds? well you’re going to do the same, but instead of going from in front of the bottom string like he does, you’re going to go onto the bottom string from behind, which will give you the same twist he has after doing the hop over thing.

I’ll keep trying to get some type of visual representation of what I’m talking about

edit edit:I think I found a way that will make what I’m talking about a little easier to understand. I had to get pretty creative, but let’s just say the keychain yoyo that yye gave away a few months ago was good for something

Edit edit edit: after reviewing the videos I took from inside my motorcycle helmet, they’re not anywhere near as blurry as I thought they were. I’m guessing it was just fog on my screen from breathing. I can’t find a good .mov to avi converter though, so I can’t edit it. Just skip to around the 40 second mark, unless you want to watch me adjust focus and hear my breathing from inside the helmet. :stuck_out_tongue:

If that pop over isn’t what you were referring to, I’m gonna feel pretty foolish for putting all this effort into showing it. lol

Thanks, I’ve got it now.