YoYoSam online Store

Anybody know this YoYoSam store online, person doesn’t answer email

pm mongoriller, he knows the owner and is friends with his son.

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Not sure… But the yoyoexpert.com store has great stock and selection and AMAZING customer service, and Andre answers his emails usualy with in 2-3 days…

How is that related to the topic?

nobody said it was

Just trying to help support our forum/store…

Then I guess it should be all good.

But when a person asks about how to contact the customer service to one store, saying that the customer service here is great won’t really help him.

If I ask you “What is 2+2?” and you say “4+4=8” you still don’t have the answer to 2+2.


Well heres the helping part…

Is it for customer service?

if so there is also a phone number you could try


i had to say this,
actually if you ask 2+2 and get 4+4=8 then you could divide the 3 numbers by 2 and come out with

2+2=4 is what it equals


Let’s stay away from bringing up other online stores customer service, etc.