How many yoyos do you have

I have 27 Metal
And 20 Plastic
And 3 Offstring




what is yes

(Alceste) #4

Yes is the opposite of no.
But seriously, I have 1 bimetal, 2 plastic, 1 offstring.


Is offstring a new material? Must be a new polymer.

Do you really have a bi-metal or is it a metal rimmed?

I have an apple.


what is an


It’s from TEYW.


I have 40,103,432,568 yoyos. All are made of titanium alloy, and I use egyptian cotton string which is custom made for me, and only me. I store them in my mansion in Beverly Hills, which is one of many around the world in various tourist attractions. I have a truck which brings me all the chocolate millk I want, and 12 swimming pools in each of my mansions.

Sorry to brag. XD


You must be a poor person. I just won’t spoil your happiness by saying what I have. :stuck_out_tongue:


show off jk i have 32 plastics and 12,745 metals XD


wow thats alot :slight_smile: :smiley:


i have-

∞ metals

e=mc² plastics