What do you think is the best yoyo under $50? I am pretty new and am wondering your opinian. :slight_smile:

Protostar, DM, PGM, or a Foxtail.

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Spinfaktor HG by far.

These few posts tell us something. There really is no best yoyo. Most of them out there are wonderful and just made for different people.

If you can find one, an i is cheap and amazing.

I can safely assume that you don’t know how to do a bind return. So I sudjest the YoYoJam Kickside as a good starters yoyo. Many yoyos higher up near the 50$ mark do not return on a normal tug. The Kickside also has a similar shape as the higher end, more advanced yoyos. Plus, its only 15$! That will leave you with plenty to get other needed materials such as yoyojam thin lube, string and whatnot.

Alright, assuming that you are REALLY new, I’ll do my best to walk you through this.

No yoyo is really best, there are really a lot of different types of yoyos, and different people like different yoyos.  Now, if you are really new, the 50 dollar limit is really to high for you.  What I think would be best for you is to buy a Duncan FreeHand Zero (FHZ or FH0). Because at the lowest levels of play, you will need to be able to pull your yoyo up with a tug of the string thgis is called responsive yoyo play, or just responsive.  But as you get more and more advanced, you may see the need to play with a yoyo that doesn’t snap back to your hand-this is called being unresponsive.  This is the beauty of the FHZ, for a small fee, many of the people on this forum will actually modify you FHZ to play unresponsive. And as you get more and more and more advanced, you will begin to discover other styles of play, such as Offtsring and Counter-weight.  You can even use your FHZ to start out playing these styles as well!

In short, FHZ is a great yoyo, not to be messed with.

By the way!
Welcome to YoYoeXpert!

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well there is a lot to choose from yoyoeXpert and other places. like there are some duncans yomegas yoyo factorys yoyo jam etc… these are not the best ones here are some good ones and okay ones like from yomega they have a mavrick, hotshot, lancer, ooch smoov, and a lot of other ones. there are some of yoyo factorys too! grind machine, counter attack, protostar, loop 720, and more! now some yoyojams! legacy, dark magic, hitman, atmosphere, speeder, mini motu, new breed, and some more!

there are some pretty good choices out there and i hope this helped. good luck finding your yoyo!

   oh and welcome to yoyoeXpert   :)
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Throw Monkey.

Well if you wanna go big get some thick lube and a FURY but if your a beginner it wont last very long…

proto star

Protostar, Grind Machine, ECT. MY favorites are probably mostly Yoyofactory yoyos. :wink:

so are mine!

Yeah, Yoyofactory rules.

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I would have to agree with many other people, the Protostar is like really amazing!

The man does have three of them! :stuck_out_tongue: