Yoyos with a 54-55 diamater?


Yeah, I love the 54, but I like the chief and other larger yoyos like that. But I just thought itd be nice to have another smaller yoyo that is floaty. Thanks!


Spyy Addiction - 54 mm
Spyy El Ranchero - 54.95 mm
Spyy Speed Freak - 53.9 mm
Hope I helped


Thanks! I didnt realize those spyys were that size!




The Yoyorecreation Stargazer is 54mm exactly. Amazing yoyo. Worth the price.

(2Sick Joey) #6

Deadly Spins Wrath…You’ll thank me later


When do they drop?

(2Sick Joey) #8

Probably within week or two!


If only I had money…


Duncan echo
One drop 54
Yoyo factory role model it is 53.8 so I figured close enough


If you aren’t looking to spend a bunch of money, Adegle plastics are always awesome too ;D

PSG is 55mm Diameter

Or if you’re looking at high-end:

ILYY Enigma - 54mm
ILYY Greyhound - 53.78mm
ILYY Void - 52-ish mm
ILYY Torino - 54mm

Well… If I were to keep listing ILYY’s you’d see a vast majority of them :wink: Really, you’re going to find a lot of mid-size throws.