I'm looking for lesser known yoyo companies

Heyah everyone.

I’m looking for some unusual throws.
I don’t own many ‘small’ named yoyos, Crucial Cupcake is probably the least known that I own. This is why I’m looking for others, I’m trying to branch out a bit from the main known brands like YYF, YYJ etc.
I have always looked at ILYY or SPYY and thought they looked nice and would love to try one but never had enough information to take the plunge.

My preferences are around 67-69grams, 54-56mm diameter and 43-45mm width. I would prefer 6061 aluminium but would look into others.

Thanks for any recommendations.

SPYY and ILYY are both really good companies all of the SPYYs ive played where smooth had a great grind surface and the have spikes which are REALLY fun to play with and ive only played a 2010 noctu by ilyy but i did love that thing it was the smaller one it was fast and sharp and pretty smooth only problem with ilyy is unless they’ve started selling them on YYE its hard to find a replacement bearing

Deadly spins, g^2, and try general yo!


is Chico YoYo any good?

Check out the Kingspin Chronicle. Arthur (owner) said they’d be dropping at YYE like 2 months ago, not sure what happened though.

Anyways they play like a no-nonsense Avalanche.

the flyer
heavy hitter
are all very good chico to me is the hipster of h shape yoyos

which one is your favorite?

If you want an ILYY, all of them would be outside of your preferences, for they are made of 6081 aluminum.

saving up for the new heavy hitter suv but the flyer and roller were legit the bulldog is to

Spin Dynamics and MonkeyfingeR Design come to mind.

check out monkeyfinger and gsquared!

My ILYY 2012 Fury is the best throw I own. I’d put it above a CLYW Avalanche, but that’s just me.

It’s an H-Shape with 56mm diameter, 43mm width, and is 66g (Pay no attention to the weight here on YYE, that’s the original run weight. The proper weight is mentioned through the ILYY website).

I’m surprised at how long ILYY has been around with how little they care for social interaction honestly. I imagine they do more over in Europe, and their email service through their site is very responsive, but newer companies really rely on the public scene. Just for comparison, some new manufacturer’s Facebook likes along with ILYY’s.

Square Wheels: 592
MFD: 1,113
ILYY: 384

That Fury 2012 looks great. The difficult lies in getting one. :wink: