"Yoyos that has never been designed that you hope would be produced" Section

(Cinimod105) #1

Hi everybody, why not we have a section to post yoyos that are not designed yet but you hope would be produced. In other words, you an design your own yoyos and post them here, hopefully some company would take that idea and produce those yoyos.



I just learnt that that huge hole next to the bearing is something like a schmoove ring.


I has been desinged but never produced: the Dv8.
I think that section would be cool.


I think it would be a waste of an entire section. I think a thread would be easier.



Furry Yoyos!

(Shisaki) #7

a yoyo that does trick by it self if you put your fingers in the right spot.


How? ;D

Edit: Also, how far can we go? A yoyo that can do tricks by itself will mean that practice is pointless. Anyone can do the sport. So how far can we upgrade our yoyos? Will motorized yoyos be allowed?

Just food for thought.