Motorized Yoyoing?

 So, what does anybody out there think about this new concept? Motorized yoyoing, what could that mean for competition yoyoing, as well as just fun, freestyling? Also, I would hope that they wouldn't allow this to be used for competition, it just doesn't seem fair if someone is competing with a motor yoyo and someone else isn't. However, my little brother could use the help learning to bind. 

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I don’t really like it, but I don’t know why. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is about the third stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

I mean, good for them, innovation, etc. Yay!

But I wouldn’t get one. At least not yet. I love the idea of throwing the yoyo, having a set amount of time to do my thing, and bringing it back. Granted, with bearings, our tricks can go for very long times, but that doesn’t retract from the fact that they’re limited.

We don’t need yoyos to spin longer. At least not for what we’re doing right now. Would we find a way to innovate to match this change in technology? Sometimes, like with ball-bearings, we do, but might this be the next Hubstacks, where nobody really cares?

I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Right now, I’m not intrigued.

what I didn’t see was is it unresponsive or not. they did bind to bring it up but none of the tricks where like hanging slack tricks. Everything in that video could have been done with a responsive yoyo.
Does anybody know?

I saw this earlier, and I really didn’t like it.

I really don’t want yoyoing to evolving into this.

I just don’t like

yoyofactory spinfinity i heard is what its called.?

innovative but not practical

Wow. Why? Why would the try and do that to us?

It’s not meant for comps. It’s just for fun. I can actually see it being used for freestyle practice.

i saw this a few months ago by some other guy, and didn’t like it, but this seems cool

It’s cool, yes. Will it change yoyoing forever? No.

I personally like to throw my yoyos. It is literally 100% of yoyoing.

its cool, but i dont want that happening. as a side note, has anyone ever gone “whoa! Dude is that thing electric?” while your throwing? its so annoying they think yoyoing has degenerated that far… i tell em its a ball bearing, then they procede to make a perverted joke

Lol, motorized yoyoing…

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I lol’d

If this catches on…
Yoyoing is dead

Everyone should probably just calm down. With the reaction this thing is getting from the community I don’t really have any doubt that this is going to go down like light up yoyo’s. It will be a novelty item, probably for beginners, and we will all stick to buying high quality metals and plastics as usual. Nothing is going to change if we don’t let it. After all, we’re the one’s buying the throws, we’re the one’s who keep company’s who make good throws alive. That is all.

It’d be interesting as training wheels for learning tricks. Like I’m learning White Buddha right now, and am about 10 seconds throw time away from completing it. but it would be helpful to have an everspinning yoyo, like practicing picture tricks with a dead yoyo. But it does feel inherently wrong. One of my mechanic and innovator buddies was thinking of creating a yoyo with a motor in one side and generator in the other. This is it.

happens all thew time theyre like “hey that thing is electric its doin all the tricks for you” then im like " if it does all the tricks for you i wanna see you do it" then they put a big ding in my yoyo

i think there would be less sport if there is a motorized yoyo

but maybe we can have ‘new toys’. :slight_smile: