Yoyos (sold)(we’re gonna miss you Frankie)

I’ll put photos here in a bit. It’s a blue ti888 a genbu and I got an exia that I’ll bundle all together for 400… heck I would even take 350. If u feel generous u can pay 400 but I’m just trying to move these


Oh no :frowning:


What color is the genbu?

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It’s the blasted one with the crackle.

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So I can post more pics in a bit. The ti888 is smooth and has an NSK DS in it. The genbu has a pixel and both have monkey snot for response. U can take all that off of me for 400 shipped priority fully insured etc…
Oh and the exia is a b grade. But it’s for ano I think. It’s got very little nail vibe as well as the genbu.

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Sold. Bye everybody


Take care buddy. You will be missed for sure.


Take care - hope to see you back soon!!!

Come back soon👊

Happy trails, @FrankieJR. Take care!

Hey Frankie. Not trying to tell you what to do but taking a break for a while and ignoring the online component might help. I only yo-yo for essentially meditation purposes now and have stopped keeping up with the forums and social media stuff and it’s made me appreciate yoyoing more again.

Regardless I hope you’re doing well.


This is what I did when I was in HS ^^

Also, I pm’d you but I’d recommend holding on to a handful of throws unless you’re really strapped for cash

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Buy Frankie, take care.

:cry: bye