YoYos for SALE! *OFFER UP* Helix, CLYW, Turning Point, H-Spin, SPYY ect

I’m really in need of some funds at the moment, so i’ve put more things up for sale.
Give me offers and you may get that yoyo at a ridiculous price! :smiley:

PayPal Only
Sale Only

Shipping to Europe:
3-5 days - £6/€7/$9 (Tracking and Insured)
2/3 days - £2/€3/$4 (No tracking or Insurance)
Shipping outside of Europe will cost around the same, but could take longer.

I mainly trade on the UK YoYoz forum, check out my 24 positive feedback there

Here we go!

Northern Spin Helix (MIB - no. 2) £100/€114/$157

CLYW Polar Berry Wooly Marmot (MIB - 2 of 26) FOR SALE NOW! £60/€68/$94 ONO

Turning Point RT (two tiny scuffs otherwise mint, comes with bag) FOR SALE NOW! £70/€80/$110 ONO

HSpin Corli du Toit Signature Ed. (mint) FOR SALE NOW! £45/€51/$70 ONO

SPYY Supra (one small scuff, comes in box) FOR SALE NOW! £45/€51/$70 ONO

Dif-e-Yo Internal Turmoil (couple of very light dings) £35/€40/$55 ONO

YoYoJam Destiny (couple of very light dings) £20/€23/$31 ONO

Duncan Raptor (Near Mint) £15/€17/$23

Duncan Metal Drifter (mint, silicone recessed, center track bearing, super smooth) £15/€17/$23

Hspin envy 64 with “a flaw to love” (light scratches all the way around both rims, a few small dings) Trade Only

VV Gone! VV

CLYW Avalanche (mint) Gone
One Drop 54 (Mint) Gone
H-Spin Phoenix (MIB) £60/€68
CLYW Polar Berry Wooly Marmot (MIB - 2 of 26) Keeping
CLYW Shark vs Zombie Beaver BVM (Near Mint) Gone
SPYY Stryker (MIB) keeping
CLYW Campfire (MIB) Gone
YYF Protege (MIB) Gone
Jazz-Yo Regulus (MIB - Siliconed but c/w O-Rings) Gone
SPYY Speed Freak (MIB - Center Track Bearing) Gone
Turning Point Tarasqus (near mint, normal raw yoyo scratches, plays perfect) Gone
CLYW Gnarwhal (a few pin pricks and small ano flaws, plays perfect) Gone
Samsung Galaxy Tab (MIB) Gone
YYF Yuuksta (MIB) Gone
SPYY Skyy Chaser (4 light dings - Center Track Bearing) Gone
OneDrop Y-Factor (MIB - Center Track Bearing) Gone
ILYY Void (Mint) Gone
YYF Loop 900 (Mint) Gone
3Yo3 Cosmo (Mint) Gone
3Yo3 Omnicron (A few light scratches) Gone
120GB iPod Classic 6th Gen (Near Mint, just a few tiny scratches on the back) Gone
B!ST Competizione Super Evo!!! (A few very light paint scuffs) Gone
YYF StarLite (mint, center track bearing) Gone
YYF 888X Satinized (one tiny ding) £52/€59 Gone
YYJ Night Moves 4 (A few small scratches - Siliconed but c/w o-rings) Gone
YYF BIG DEAL (Mint) £55/€65 Gone
Henry’s Python (Mint) gone
YYF DV888 (Mint) £32/€36 Gone
YYF DV888 (6 very small dings/scratches, don’t effect play) £25/€30 Gone
YYJ DarkMagic II (a few very light dings and scratches on the rims) gone
YYF Protostar (A few small dings and a bump on the side) £20/€23 Gone
Sony PSP-2000 (Mint) Comes with 4 games and case. Gone
YYF Plastic Grind Machine (Mint) £17/€19 Gone
Super Wide FHZ mod £15/€18 Gone
check it out in more detail here
YYF NorthStar (Mint but has that very slight vibe which is tune-able) £20/€23 Gone
YYJ DarkMagic (A few small dings and scratches) Gone
Yomega Maverick (2 very small dings, siliconed) Gone
YYJ Limited Edition Black Gold (Mint) Gone

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Thanks for the offer man, but i already got a G5, and i’m not really looking for YYF, sorry :-\

I’m interested, but i couldn’t trade my wooly for it, it would have to be mint.

what would you take from my topic for it?

I would like to buy that Gnarwhal immediately. :slight_smile:

would you be interested in the duncan diversion i have up right now for your gnarwhal? I see you want a raptor the diversion is much better than a raptor.
thanks jon PM me if you want

sorry man, not interested in the duncan diversion, thanks for the offer though

i have a mint x3 steamroller, the color is Red number 73

bass gone

prices lowered