YOYOS COMIN IN DA MAIL!! Opinions please!?


Hey I just added a bunch of yoyos to my collection and are now coming in the mail!!! So can u guys tell me what u think of them!

Madhouse epic
Code 2
7075 supernova/regular supernova. Which should I keep!!??

(SR) #2

All really great yoyos. Keep all of them. What does your collection consist of now, with all those included?


I’m always quite amazed (and amused) at posts like this.


I’m a little weird the way I want my collection but I basically wanted to have a representative of every main brand and every “kind” of yoyo

Onedrop: Burnside, code 2, Dang (I have to decide!)
Clyw: 7075 chief yummy!!
Yyf: 7075 or reg supernova (gotta decide!)
Yyj DM2 (gotta have one. I love this sucker!) mix of metal and plastic
Duncan: trying to buy a barracuda!
STACKED: Madhouse epic
PLASTIC: 3yo3 customized rainbow cosmo!

If I run into anything I like better ill just replace it so ya… This is (probably) my complete collection I don’t believe in having tons of yoyos… Anything more than 10 (I feel) is a waste…


Lol I know they’re good… Just wanna hear some opinions and thoughts about them and which of the ones I listed I should keep… No need to make fun of me…

(SR) #6

That’s what they all say… :wink:

Not for long my friend, not for long.


Hehe. :slight_smile:


These are alllll awesome, im jelly :wink:


I would also like to thank SR (publicly) for helping me formulate my collection! He’s a really friendly and knowledgable guy who is always there to help!


My opinion of course. Take it for what it’s worth.


888 is good but doesnt wow me… Tried an ava! Like the chief more… Ya probably gonna keep the code 2 and if I run into a hit man I’ll be sure to try it out!!! Thanks!


He’s getting both the epic and the dm2 from me :stuck_out_tongue: