Yoyorecreation responsive?

So I got a second hand B-grade Stargazer which played awesome. The thing is, the bearing (kk) became noisy after a while and became responsive. The pads came off too. So I washed the bearing with water and replaced the red pads with blue ones. It is now half responsive and snags when I suicide with it. Someone tell me what can I do, and what’s wrong? Thanks in advance people!

Clean the bearing with acetone, paint thinner, lighter fluid, or mineral spirits. Then give it a drop of oil and break it in.

Do kk bearings rust easily?

All metal bearings will rust. Higher grade ones just take longer. Water will speed the process a lot. Do like mrcnja says.

Okay here’s the bigger problem. The bearing does NOT snag on my Hatrick but snags when it’s with my Stargazer. So how does that happen?

do to the new response it will take time to break it in the just work on the pads and it will be back to normal in no time

The thing is, when I put a flat bearing in, it runs better than with my newly washed kk. Oh man this is confusing.

Did you clean it like mrcnja said? If the newly washed KK was washed with water originally, it could have rusted. Flat bearings can easily run better than KKs anyways, and if the KK rusted, that’s why. Can’t undo rust unfortunately.