Super star - with a new bearing

I just swapped out my bearing in my superstar, and I am noticing that its vibing alot more then ever before - i am using the new crucial grooved bearing - i might need to use it more to break it in, … i originally had the ceramic KK bearing in the superstar, but i changed the bearing because it was very responsive, Thanks to Andre, i realized it was responsive because I added thin lube to it, not knowing i wasnt suppose to add thinlube to ceramic- so i kind of messed up the ceramic bearing. But the new crucial grooved bearing i have in their is great, i love it and its totally unresponsive but it does get really vibey to the point where its frustrating and at first i thought it was me throwing down badly but i am fine with my genesis.

Anyways what do you guys think? should i wait longer to break in the new bearing? because i dont really think its the yoyo it self , or can it be the yoyo ? Pls help :slight_smile:

The first thing to do is take the yo-yo apart and make sure that the bearing is seated correctly. If it’s in there crooked you are going to have vibe.

There isn’t anything wrong with your KonKave bearing either. Yes, adding oil to a bearing in excessive amounts will make the yo-yo it is in responsive, but saying that you messed your KonKave bearing up because you added thin lube to it is downright wrong. Ceramic or not, you didn’t hurt anything. If you clean that bearing or just break it in it will play unresponsive.


Thanks!!! its seated correctly, ill have to break it in like you said. And ill clean the KK bearing, maybe not use lube this time around.