YoYoNews Reviews - CLYW Yeti *NEW*

YoYoNews has started doing reviews! I’ll update this thread as we add each new review.

First up, the Square Wheels Rockefeller:

And as a bonus, you can win the Rockefeller they sent us to review! Just post a pic on Instagram of yourself begging for the Rockefeller, and tag the image with #yoyonews #squarewheels.

Next up, the Walter by Spencer Berry.

New review for the Strix by Duncan Toys.

New review for the Forte by Monkeyfinger.

New review for the Yeti by CLYW

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Review posted for the Monkeyfinger Forte…and up next is the CLYW Yeti.

Can’t wait to see what you guys have to say about the Yeti, when can we expect the review to be released?

I really like the reviews, but are the star ratings a little harsh? I mean, a yoyo gets like 2.5 stars and then the reviewer states that it is awesome. Just a thought, great reviews!

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Yeti review is up!

Any kind of numeric rating rubric is going to be inconclusive, which is why we have the written portion. Packaging and art can bring down the score of nice playing yoyos, but plenty of people don’t care about that aspect.

We’re working on taking the float/heft out of the star rating and going with a sliding graphic to indicate that aspect, since that seems to unfairly move the score around.

It’s all a work in progress, but thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Going to have to agree to disagree on the Yeti packaging. I think it is their best effort to date. Not picking a fight, I know how subjective art can be. There is just something about Week’s style and especially the detailed work he did here that hits it out of the park for me.

Thanks for replying man!
I think my criticism itself may have been a bit harsh. :smiley:

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The sticker itself is AMAZING. Totally agree, some of Jason’s best work to date. But just having it wrap around the box just doesn’t look at cool as previous packaging. I would have dug a smaller sticker that just covered two sides, and maybe some yeti tracks on the box or something…

But it’s a plastic yoyo, and it doesn’t make sense to put as much work into the boxes as they’ve done on metal releases. I dunno, I kind of agree with the review but I love the sticker so much and it would be dumb to put that much work into packaging for a cheaper yoyo and ARGH I’m glad I don’t have to make these decisions. Ha!

I can see where you are coming from on how it sits on the box. Again art is subjective.the way the little cubby holes on my desk are situated if I place the box so the mouth is visible it looks like something is trying to attack me.

The sticker itself is amazing, so glad I bought it from YYE specifically because they put an extra sticker in with the order. I don’t think I will peel and stick it anywhere, it is a perfect size for a bookmark.

Great review! It seems like every one is liking the Yeti. I noticed you guys said it is similar to the Chief, but others have said it is extremely different. Just differing opinions there? Either way, good stuff, I enjoyed reading it.

Another question, this time about the sticker. Is the sticker stuck on the box (as in adhered)? Personally, I think the box is awesome, but I haven’t had the chance to see my Yeti, which should have arrived at my house today. The box was a big selling point for me. I think the Yeti artwork is some of the best we’ve seen from CLYW.

Oh, and I noticed you had a turquoise Yeti too! I guess being Steve Brown has its perks! :smiley:

It’s similar to the Chief in the shape (nearly identical) and the way it moves through tricks, but they feel totally different to me. I have no idea how to explain that better. It’s like brothers who are a year apart but could be mistaken for twins by people who don’t really know them very well?

I know the feeling. It’s sort of like RecRev with the TA-1 and the TA-1S for me.

I’m holding off on getting the Yeti right now because I don’t want it in black and I heard from reliable sources that other colors will be available if I’m willing to wait a bit, which I am.

Very much looking forward to the Yeti now, more than before.

This is probably a dumb question, but what is BZZZT?

It’s the sound a bug makes