The Square Wheels Yo-Yo Company ROYALE

This is one of my first posts on YYE. I was a YYN guy, but haven’t been on either forums in a few months. So, here ya go.

Please know that mine is a prototype, and some things have been slightly changed. As far as I know, changes have not been drastic for the production run.

I’m going to be honest. I don’t really like it now that the “New yo-yo” feeling has gone away.
Simple as that. I’m not trying to bash the company, I just feel like more thought should have gone into this yo-yo. I hope this isn’t offensive.

Feel in the hand:
-It feels like a slightly larger Septopus, with a little less substantiality. The tumble finish (which I’m not a fan of) CAN grind, but it’s not the best. I feel beadblasting would have been a better option.
-The spikes are sharp, but not too sharp.
-Good, rounded edges.

On a throw:
-When you throw it, you kind of get that “soda can” feel. This isn’t bad or good, just depends on what you prefer.
-Vibevibevibe. Visible vibe. Me no likey. I don’t like the fact that this yo-yo is shipped with this nasty vibe, and I think this should be corrected for full production. After all, it is a product being sold to a demanding group of people.
-Because of the weight/size/weight distribution or whatever, it seems to lose its spin really easily if you accidentally bump it during a combo. This is made even worse by the vibe. If you’re meticulous, this is no problem.
-I do like its laid-back play. It’s a good, mellow pace.
-Not very good spin time. I’m not a yo-yo maker, so the only reason I can think of is low rim weight. I may be wrong, though.

-IRG play is near-impossible, unless you throw it at an angle.
-The spikes are a bit hard to use if you don’t tune the vibe out.
-It has a really light feel to it.
-Off-axis is decent.
-Ano is pretty cool.
-Once again, vibevibevibe.
-Once again, not-so-great spin time.

-It’s not bad. Maybe just not my cup of tea. I just can’t help but feel in the back of my mind that it’s a Septopus done incorrectly. That may just be the VsNewton Fanboy in me, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Short, sweet, and simple.

nice detailed review

With modern yoyos there is no such thing as “the yoyo lacks spin time.”

It’s you or the bearing. Even vibey yoyos can spin long and hard.


Just messaged you!

I’m not entirely certain where you obtained a prototype (I’m assuming you may have bought it directly from my business partner through email, or maybe a trade from someone that won one of our early contests). Either way I’ll make sure you get to try out one of our production runs. Shoot me back a message and we’ll sort out the details!

The following isn’t directed at the review at all. I haven’t thrown a royale, but Blake said something about throwing one my way someday :slight_smile:

To think that a yoyo cannot lack spin time in comparison to others is completely ignorant on your part. Some yoyos spin longer than others by design. To say a yoyo lacks spin time in the current market simply translates into “in comparison to what I expect a present day yoyo to spin for”

But then again, what do I know? :smiley: carry on!

i have a prototype royale as well. mine is vibey as all hell but i understand that is just the way it is being a prototype and all. i know that the real runs are nowhere near as vibey as these. the full run ARE soda blasted. ask blake.

All the runs have been soda blasted…