Square Wheels Nomad, anyone else excited?


Until Jake and a team player for Square Wheels had mentioned this to me as a great organically shaped yoyo, I had not heard of it. Just based off looks I think it looks really nice. I am hoping to get one soon. I started a topic because it seems virtually un talked about.

Specs in case anyone is curious.

55.88mm Diameter
46mm Width
4.16mm Gap
68g Weight
Machined 100% in Kansas City from 7075 Aluminum. $99.


Too heavy for me. Otherwise looks amazing. :-\


Dang! Exactly my thoughts.


Yeah, I’m just glad it’s full sized. I haven’t played a metal that big in awhile. Nearly Bigger than the Dark Magic.

(Owen) #5

It doesnt play heavy, it actually has some float. That is what Shane wanted when we went from proto2 to this one. It’s really good you guys!


yeah, Ive been waiting for this since kansas state. there were none for sale and i saw like 3 guys walking around with them and they look really nice.


Are the other Wheels made in KC as well?


Tried this at BAC and it was really really good!

(Owen) #9

Yes. That is where Square Wheels is located. Well, that is where Jon and Blake live anways.


looks really nice! just a tad on the heavier size but not by much. I wouldn’t mind getting one. does anyone know if they’re gonna be annoed?


that really look nice.
and I wouldn’t think it would be a heavy throw because of the diameter.


Like others, I wish it was a tad lighter. But then again, it might be time to diversify again and give some heavier yoyos a crack.

(velez_adrian) #13

I’m so excited!!!


Kinda reminds me of Two Fat Ladies. Sweet looking yoyo.


They are getting annoed. Not sure what final pricing will be. I thought their FB page said $100. That could have been for the pre-pro’s at Kal States.




Very excited! They said coming this May and here we are in June… So I wanna know when the release date is! Anyone got any info?

Been playing my Royale with Cheese since I got it and definitely looking forward to trying this one out :wink:

(Owen) #18

They didnt want to have to compete with the Puffin2 release so they decided to delay the release date just a bit, but you can expect them to be here soon! They are going to anno’d and they will sell for $99.


Lemme get a raw one.


I thought the same thing when I saw it. Looks like a nice throw.