(Raphael) #1

i ordered some yyj synergy caps for my speeder of of yyn and expected them in about 4-5 days(ordered them on presedents day weekend and yyn was not shipping on sun or mon, i ordered them on fri the 13) I ordered them in size 003 and then got an email saying they shipped on tuesday and thought they would come on thursday or friday. BUT (with 1 t) my order came 10 days after i ordered them!!! 10 days!! i was a little sad about the shipping but to top it off yoyonation sent me size 001 synergy caps??? so they ended up fittin my bros kickside but my speeder lay un-stacked,
so my question to you people who are still reading this, is Yoyonation always this… messed up with orders?
(i did contact yyn and there sending another pair right away)

**This does not need to be posted on a public message board and it definitely does not belong on this message board. Please contact YoYoNation directly instead - and also realize the store does not have control over the Postal Service - the postal service does make a mistake from time to time.


No. YYN was most likely very busy that day because they had to ship out all of there orders. I usually get my orders 2-3 days after from them. Also, they have great customer service, which is so awesome about them.

(Chris Allen) #3

You should probably bring it up to the guys at the YYN store, and not on this site, which sells yo-yo’d also.