I need help finding a online store.


I need to buy synergy caps and a 10 ball bearing. The problem is no store sells both. (Sorry for talking about other stores.) I found Yoyoguy, but how good/reliable is it’s shipping?


Its shipping is reliable. I’ve always had great service with them.

And you don’t need to bump something within 30 minutes :wink:


Oops. How quick is it?


Same as YYE IMO


www.yoyoz.co.uk have both in stock

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Well they all ship through USPS (duh). It all comes down to the time between order and shipping. There’s normally not a big difference from stores here, not more than two days… usually.

Addment: Last time I ordered from the guy, it took about one week (including weekend). FAST.


Yes, yoyoguy is great. Last time I ordered from them, it took 5 days I think, including the weekend, so they’re very realiable and fast.