Hey guys, I picked up a yoyomiracle trap XL at worlds. It was very cheap but plays very well. I was just wondering what the story was with this company, and why I have heard almost nothing about them.

That was Kuyo’s YoYoCompany.

The Trap, Trap 2013 and Trap XL are all very affordable and very fun!

YoyoMiracle makes the KuyoStar.

(I know it gets confusing)

Ok cool! I just got it at the yoyomiracle table. I think they were selling kuyostars there as well. They are the ones with the free spinning catch zones right?

That is correct! A very unique and fun little yoyo…

a very interesting company for sure! I met him on terms of a b grade special edition yoyo I got at worlds and he mentioned how he is working on expanding the company. He had alot of yoyos there and I too picked up a trap XL, which unfortunately had pinpricks on it. :frowning:

Ah, for the 25 dollars that I payed, it could not have ANY ano on half of the yoyo because it’s such a good player

I know about that batch. I remember hearing something happened during shipment. I forget the details.

I do have one of those. Way fun!! The Kuyo’s YoYo Company brand seems oriented towards great low-cost metal throws.

YoYoMiracle I’m not sure what that focus is. It is intended to be a more premium priced brand. It will probably have more original designs.

YoyoMiracle provides cheap yoyo production for small brands. You can literally get a batch of your design machined, ano’d, and engraved too, I believe, for cheap. They’re basically a cheap machining company for small company’s who want to produce yoyos…I think that’s what their mission is.

I’m very angry with YoyoMiracle because of the WYYC SE Throw this year. I’m never buying one of their throws again…

Odd how he’s not accepting designs from others.

You’re also confusing the two companies.

I’d love to see a profile of the Trap XL.
Ive been looking for a nice cheap Large yoyo.
My favorite kind :slight_smile:

This is the ONLY YoYoMiracle model right now:

The KuyoStar:

People are confusing the two companies.

Here is the Kuyo’s YoYo Company models(not all):

Trap 2013, Trap XL and Trap:

I hope this clears things up a bit.

I am so getting a trap now.

You’re welcome.

Amazing choice! Also, I think that yoyomiracle and kuyos yoyo company work together. I did some research, and the yoyomiracle guys helped design the trap series I believe.

That’s not right. YoYoMiracle makes the Star Atlas, Kuyostar, Avenger, Atom, Worlds SE yoyo, and something else with a spinning catch zone.

Exactly, they had another 5 or so models at worlds too.

I have the KuyoStar shown, showing the spinning catch zone.

The rest are low-cost items and are on the Kuyo’s YoYo Company brand name. This comes from the guy himself. The problem is the principle behind YoYoMiracle also does stuff with Kuyo’s YoYo Company and stuff frequently gets confused.

I am not sure which brand name is being associated with the Worlds SE yoyo. I played that and I can honestly say that was unfortunately not a yoyo I would want to ever lay my hands on ever again.

I have the se yoyo, it has yoyomiracle engraved right on it. So did the other 100 yoyos at their table, the kuyostar among them.


EDIT: unless its like forbidden or something :slight_smile: