Who makes this throw?


I bought this throw at worlds. The booth I bought it from was located between yyj and werrd. I picked it up for $25 and he said it was something made for worlds but in my excitement I forgot to ask who made it or the name or anything. I love it it has great rim weight and it came with a unshielded 10 ball concave bearing.


Looks like a Kuyo Trap to me, but I’m not sure.


by your disciption of were you got it i think its a yoyo miracle


Looks like a newer version trap



Is this the special worlds edition yoyo that someone said was disappointing?

(2Sick Joey) #6

That’s is a yoyomiracle TrapXL


I looked at the logo of Yoyo Miracle and that is the same logo on the side of my throw. That helps a lot thanks. I can’t find the name of it though.
Idk if someone found it disappointing but I enjoy it. It feel so comfortable in my hand. It is heavier than my hour, but just.
I also bought the display Sentinel at the Werrd booth, it was the last one in that color they had. Man that is a sweet throw!

Edit: yomagic posted the name of it as I was typing it.

(2Sick Joey) #8

It’s a Trap-XL…it’s exclusive to another store so not sur rid I can name it or not but if you want PM me and ill tell you where so you can get more info on it.


Thanks yomagic. I appreciate you helping me out bro.