its satined, yours isnt

Oh. That was the only sparkle one I had ever played, so I figured it was just different.

No new yoyos, but I am getting the PURE Gold!!!
I have 1 new 5A trick with my leg.
And Tyler, can you bring silicone for my PGM?

that pure gold is really cool i have tons of new 1a and im trading tyler my genises


IM PICKING UP MY LATHE!!! So if any of you guys want me to recess something today is the day to give it to me :slight_smile:

The falcon didnt come yet so no new jojos but i traded my lunatic for a cu

Can you recess Hypers?

i need a 4 jaw chuck for that so at the moment no

one of these-

who else is going today? I am…

I am, I don’t think I’ve met you yet though

Yeah you have…He’s Raph, from the wall of fame? Remember him?

not unless he talks to my picture on the wall,
So far I know these people are coming
and I’m guessing DYonch too

I am eager to see you all there!

All the time…

I know David is coming and I’m assuming JonRob but I don’t know about Thomas

Yeah JonRob said he’d be there. I’ve got some new 5a stuff.

I can be there today but not the next 2 weeks because I’ve got 2 wrestling tournaments…

anyone hear from mark?

I need to stop by the post office to ship the lunatic so ill be at club around 3

If any of you guys want me to recess a fhz (most any duncan) make sure to bring em today because im picking my lathe up after club

Markie has a track meet.

not much new, hoping to get either a mkII or tw 2.0 from jonrob…oh ive got a bassalope and m1 on the way (traded the falcon and zhor)

I hope I get the chance to come to YoYoJoe’s sometime… I live in NJ, and it’s not like a loooong way away, but it’s still a couple of hours. It’d be a blast to get to hang out with some fellow yoers.

dose any one want to go early? I have a tennis match at 5:00,

ill be there around 2:30

Ordered a Punchline but nothing else new